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In the digital world we live in today, you can buy almost anything with ease, and for those looking to buy real estate in Virginia, it can be tempting to do everything yourself and not use a real estate agent. However, while it may seem like you are saving money, by the end of your Virginia property search, doing everything yourself will have cost so much time that you really won’t have saved anything.

A good real estate agent takes care of much more than handling the negotiations and liaising with sellers or buyers for you. A home is a very personal thing, and you no doubt have some specifics you want included in your real estate in Virginia. You may need a large lot with space for a hobby room or office to be added, a swimming pool, you could be looking for property with land, or a period property in Virginia.

Keeping on top of the market and picking out new listings that fit your specific criteria can be a part-time job in itself, but a real estate agent in Virginia has the local knowledge and contacts that can quickly find homes with everything you are looking for. In addition, that local knowledge gives you an advantage when it comes to making an offer. You can often pay much less than you think with careful negotiations, and your Virginian real estate agent will provide invaluable guidance at this crucial phase. Buying a property in Virginia can be stressful, but a great real estate agent will make the entire process as smooth and hassle free as possible.

It is a similar story for sellers, where local knowledge means the right pricing that will attract buyers, understanding the market so that your property in Virginia can be presented in just the right way for a quick sale at the right price.

Finding the right real estate agent

Knowing that having a real estate agent in Virginia is beneficial, saving time and helping get better value from the market, the next question is which to choose and why. With so many real estate agents available, how do you narrow the search and find the perfect agent for your needs?
In some ways, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, part of what makes a real estate agent the right choice is that you get on enough to have that effective working relationship and trust, but there are a range of things to consider when looking for the real estate agent to handle your property buying in Virginia.
Local Knowledge

Take a look at their current listings, do they feature the kind of property you are looking for? An agent with experience in the local market, especially in the price range and type of property you are looking for can give you a significant advantage when negotiating. When you meet with the agent, ask specifically about their experience with similar properties, the more they know the market, the better for you as a home buyer in Virginia.

Success Rates

When you are looking to sell or buy a home in Virginia, you want to find the perfect property, but time also matters. Getting the right property at the right price is important, and reviews will help you see the kind of service each agent can deliver, but also ask about how long it takes on average to find that home or buyer. We are all a little impatient, so the quicker the better, but that will be a balance too. You still want the best price possible whether buying or selling your home in Virginia.


The service a real estate agent can provide is the most important part of choosing the right one for you, but none of us have unlimited financial resources, so cost is inevitably going to come into the choice. However, what is important is to judge the overall value, not simply the cost. For instance, a well-connected, knowledgeable agent can save you more than their fees during the price negotiation, by obtaining a lower price for buyers, or a higher one for sellers, so here while the fee may initially seem higher than some alternatives, the reality is a much better value offer.

Assessing value means looking at the cost and balancing that against the savings in time and money the agent can bring. Ask about the average savings on listing prices they expect to negotiate to get an idea of the value on offer.


If you have friends, relatives or other contacts who have purchased real estate in Virginia, ask about their experiences and see which agent they recommend. Based on actual experience of the service, getting a recommendation from someone you trust is a great way to find an agent that can deliver for you.

One of the most highly recommended real estate agents is Virginia is Chris Ognek. A graduate of the US Naval Academy, since leaving the military Chris has put his experience, attention to detail and focus into helping buyers and sellers in Virginia. Earning an MBA from Penn State in 2005, Chris has committed to providing the highest quality service possible, building an unmatched reputation as a real estate agent in Virginia that has seen him constantly within the top 1% of agents nationally.

Dedicated to ensuring that whether you are buying or selling, you not only have the best experience throughout the process, but the best outcome too, Chris Ognek has the in-depth market knowledge needed to help you find the perfect Virginian home.

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